in Writings ~ read. lists (2014)

Top unvisited destinations:

  • Rocklands, South Africa
  • Kalymnos, Greece
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Patagonia, Argentina

Things I’m most fearful of:

  • Meaningless Existence
  • Public Shaming
  • Ignorance (In Myself)
  • Disappointment

Media That’s Have Changed Me:

  • The Obstacle is the Way
  • 4 Hour Work Week
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • Risk Podcast – People being honest

Definitions of Success:

  • Building a profitable business
  • Climbing More
  • Being Good to Others
  • Practice Acceptance (Self and Others)
  • Maintaining Deeper Relationships

Things I Look Forward To:

  • Summiting
  • Hiring My First Full Time Employee
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Kids


  • Conceding who I am to satisfy the others
  • Judging too quickly

Lessons to Live By:

  • Read More
  • You control how you perceive everything. Objection actions and subjective reactions can be decoupled.
  • Exercise makes you happier
  • Success is elusive and should be a motivator not a goal
  • Almost all conflicts can be avoided with and open mind and great communication
  • Not all conflicts are worth avoiding
  • Humility is a rewarding
  • Anything is capable with determination
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