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Limits Unkown

I recently learned about Matt Hoffman's inception in the world of BMX. He single-handedly defined the sport in the earliest days in rural Kansas. He didn't just progress incrementally, he established tricks so futuristic, they are still commonplace today. He did this completely uninfluenced by others also starting out in the burgeoning sport in other parts of the world.

This is not unique. I've grown up watching young adventure sports mature, only to impressively over-shadow the semblance of what they originated as. It's often done but outsiders, completely unencumbered by the expected incrementation of progress.

It's inspiring to draw from their perspective of ignoring all known limitations of what most think to be possible and instead defining our own. To go out and attempt to achieve something we do not know to be possible.

My friend Gary Connery did this 4 years ago today, by landing his wingsuit without a parachute. What a way to live. I'm humbled to be influenced by so many people that share that world view. It's a constant reminder of all the awesome life has, if we go after it.

Keep pushing it forward.

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