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Hacking Learning, Digital Nomading and more on The Journey Podcast

I had a chance to stop by my buddies awesome podcast, The Journey

We covered a bunch of topics but I focused on a bunch of my key takeaways from what's been happening with me over the last few years, including startups, my media company, learning methods, digital nomading and a bunch of resources for self-improvement and BASE jumping.

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Fab's description:

"I've come to any revelations only through trying to find the most interesting or fun path." - Josh Miramant

I was recently asked "Who's the craziest person you know?" and without hesitation I immediately replied: Josh Miramant. Josh is an adventure sports athlete, entrepreneur, web developer and digital nomad.

In May 2015 Josh performed the world's 10th suspension BASE jump, where a parachute was attached to four hooks pierced into the flesh on his back. A video of the jump went viral, made the trending news on Facebook and received over 30 million views in just a few days. He has since been asked multiple times to produce a TV show based around adventure sports. When he isn't jumping off cliffs Josh travels extensively and runs a web development agency among many other business ventures and investments.

We talk about the 1 out of 60 fatality rate of BASE jumping, the importance of good teachers, having the freedom to spend your time how you want, following the path you find most interesting, and much more.

Check out some other awesome episodes here *I recommend the Scott Li episode. Great insights.

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