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I Do Radio with iRadio

In the fallout from my BASE jumping antics landed me on a press tour on podcasts, radio and TV. One of my first appearances on radio was an Irish radio program called, iRadio with Ed & Fitzy.

Ed and Fitzy were awesome! Very kind to a media newb like me.

How it came to be

I was in Salt Lake City the morning of the interview. They were +8 timezone from me. I was working out at the gym and I uncharacteristically answered my phone from a unregistered number. Expecting a telemarketer, I'm surprised to be greeted by Ed & Fitzy's enthusiastic scheduler.

Riddled with a thick Irish accent, the jovial scheduler pitches the media show and clearly asks enough questions to ensure I'm not completely messed up in the head. Just messed up enough to wow their audience, but wow them articulately.

I answer questions. Coordinate a time. Create an event in my calendar for the afternoon two days later...and then completely forget about it.

Just getting back from a run, I'm walking into a Starbucks to get some work done. My phone vibrates in my pocket.

'Interview in 10 minutes' flashes across my cracked iPhone screen. Oh Shit...I think. Not because I wasn't ready, but because I have T-Mobile. T-Mobile proudly markets themselves as the Un-Carrier. They clearly aim to embody this marketing strategy by offering none of the other features of a standard cell phone provider...including a working service in about 90% of the US.

My phone vibrates again, now just taunting my unpreparedness. I rush back to my car and begin driving around frantically looking for a reasonable connection. 1 bar...and now zero bars. Without noticing, I turn down the one-way Starbuck drive-thru and get stuck behind 5 cars ordering their fancy coffee-like beverages. It's okay, I whip my car into reverse as another car pulls in behind me.

I blocked in now.

I quickly recall T-Mobile has WiFi calling that also barely works. But my fate is set. I hurriedly connect to the Starbuck wifi network, in my car, in the drive-thru.

I accept the wifi terms just as my phone rings...time to do the interview. Couldn't be readier:

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